Incise is a Design Service Provider startup founded by industry veterans who have served the industry for more than 100 man years, they have a goal of providing the best quality services to their customers and an excellent environment for its employees to work in.

about_inciseINCISE Infotech Private Limited is a technology company with the vision of enlightening and igniting the hidden engineer in each one of us by designing the world’s most challenging products which simplifies the life of common people. What ever Incise does it does differently, and strongly believes that the world’s most complex problems are solved in the most simplistic manner.

Incise offers the cutting edge technology services to its clients in the Semiconductor, Embedded System and IT domain. Incise believes in providing the technical help to the partner companies.

  • To speed up the delivery of the products to the market to beat the competition
  • To provide the expert resources to solve the most challenging technical problems
  • Expert knowledge and skills at right time

Incise is a technology focused company which has its strong expertise in all the semiconductor and Embedded Software and IT Services. The open environment at Incise enables engineers to focus on finding the most innovative technology solutions. The hiding engineer within is challenged at every minute while working with Incise Team.

How Incise is Helping India

Incise team has delivered some of the miracles which even big companies struggles to deliver in such a short span of time.

Universal Flash Storage:

Incise Semiconductor team has designed the Verification IP for the UFS 2.0 device controller using System Verilog and UVM standards. This VIP is useful for enabling multi threaded and memory intensive operations in the handheld devices like tablets, Phones etc.

Core Banking Solution:

Incise has designed a very sleek and scalable product for enabling the micro-financing and micro lending. This application has been designed using Microsoft .NET framework, it provides all features to operate a small bank like opening different type of accounts, Providing loan, taking credit and generating different types of reports of compliance for the audit purpose.

Emerging Technology:

Incise has designed very simple vehicle tracking system which provides exact location of the moving vehicle, finds total distance travelled, total fuel consumed. This product is a hardware software combination of GPS technology used at its best.

OaHoye Flagship Project of Incise:

This is the most innovative product of Incise Infotech Pvt Ltd ( This portal is designed to enlighten and ignite the hidden engineer in each Individual, such that the engineers believes in creating the destiny for themselves.

Semiconductor Services:

Incise Infotech Engineers are working in many bluechip designing some of the world beating applications such as Interlaken, Ethernet Controller, Blue Tooth Low Energy, SoC Design for gaming Industry. Incise has accumulated the best talent from across India in the SoC and IP Design and Verification, Layout designing, Timing Analysis, Place and Route, DFT, and Virtual Modeling using SystemC and TLM 2.0 standards.

What Incise is for You?

You can contribute and get benefited by the Innovations of team Incise in many ways. You can join our team of Innovators, can be user, Designer or promoter of our products which is designed to simplify the life human beings.

Incise takes projects in turn key model and also does resource augmentation. Contact us to inquire more about Incise services and available skills.