Since then, we’ve onboarded many new tools together with our signature collateral-backed loans, our Flex lending pool, Crypto loans, and even brand new Loan Originator loans. Regardless that stocks and Bitcoin went into a nosedive lately, it does not imply you cannot earn cash on buying and selling. Similarly, although loans are backed by cryptocurrencies in the form of collateral, a sudden market crash may imply that defaults are usually not lined by offloading the respective coin. We estimate the market dimension of custodial and non-custodial lending platforms as 10-15 Billion USD. This article focuses on the danger analysis of the custodial crypto lending platforms and of non-custodial crypto lending platforms. However, in this text, we cboe bitcoin futures exchange will connect the dots - this article will give an outline of the crypto lending platforms. A help article on the Binance website supplied more particulars about Binance’s upcoming Lending Platform. Relating to the platform dangers - we will not say which platform has fewer risks.

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