No one learned cycling by reading books, No one learned swimming by watching presentations. Technology is a skill, you “Learn” it only by “Doing”.

You need only three things to get your first job

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Interview Opportunity
  • Presentation of Knowledge

The first action for the student is to decide what he wants to do? Incise Infotech Pvt Ltd, hires outstanding and world beating student’s in the following domains. Each student must know have a “I CAN DO IT” attitude, and should be willing to learn things in a step by step manner. Incise has developed a complete product called OaHoye for the student’s which helps them get placed in their dream company.

Salient Features:

Incise has designed a very detailed course for the undergraduate student’s which will be given to them in a “Learn by Doing” style.

Each student gets a unique opportunity to work with Incise Design Services, a Semiconductor Design Services company.

  • CV development according to industry requirements
  • Opportunity to work directly with 15+ years Industry experts in the Semiconductor and IT domains
  • Trainee will be involved in atleast one ongoing live project to make it “Learn by Doing”
  • Learn the complete product development cycle while they are part of the development
  • Get interview call directly from the hiring companies
  • 30 Minutes everyday dedicated for job search and Networking
  • You know only what you can present. If you can not present it you don’t know it. Presentation comes with knowledge, what you know, you will always present.