Flagship Project OaHoye!

Why OaHoye ? (www.oahoye.com)

India is producing more than 15 lacs engineers every year. How many of them are actually engineers not just degree holders? How many of them really know what they have to do being an engineer. How many of them know what career options they have? How many of them have clear goals for them? How many of them know the path, challenges to achieve their goals? The answers of these questions are not very much encouraging. And the problem which comes due to this non awareness is called un-employment. Incise Infotech Pvt Ltd, which was involved in training activities since last 4 years thought about this problem and came up with a very unique solution which addresses this problem at the grass root level, when the student is in his 2nd year or 3rd year.

In today’s world the student’s biggest problem is not lack of Information, whereas the problem is abundance of unorganized information, Organizing this information to take meaningful decision has become very important now.

How oahoye can help you?

The first thing that oahoye does is, it removes the randomness from the life of an engineer by setting the clear target with intermediate milestones. Each student is powered with one self analysis and evaluation tool through which he/she can find out his strong/weak areas in real time, Student’s can find out where he/she lies in competition of their target. In the last one decade technology in every domain has advanced significantly and we are studying still the same materiel, Now time has come when we become master of one domain, Jack of all time has gone.

OaHoye provides links and pointers to the organized and shortlisted information which is important for the student to excel in his/her area of interest.

What are the top features of oahoye?

  • Setting your target as early as 2nd Year of engineering, Make your target CV
  • Choose your target company from a list of 1000+ companies (Still growing) of your domain
  • 250+ Tests per year from your domain of choice
  • More than 44 domain/sub-domain(Still growing), Each domain has 6000+ questions
  • Six levels of questions, get certificates on clearing each level
  • Learn and Earn: Each right answer means INR 1
  • 360 degree rating and ranking system
  • Find the best trainers from the Industry
  • Find out how many from your neighborhood has set the same goal and their ranking
  • Find references and Alumni’s from your college and neighborhood in your target companies
  • Get Live certification and recommendations on your CV from the trainers and experts
  • Do yourself analysis, Find out yourself where you are lacking w.r.t your competition
  • Create Study groups of your friends, share ideas, seek guidance, help and motivate each other
  • Get organized filtered information directly from your target companies on your wall of fame
  • Get only your domain information… No random motion
  • Companies gets detailed analysis of each enrolled student’s.
  • Target CVs are directly accessible to the companies from our portal

How students can be enrolled in oahoye.com?

Engineering colleges can enroll their student’s in oahoye by signing a simple MoU with Incise Infotech Pvt Ltd. After signing this MoU college needs to provide the university registration number and valid email ids of all the student’s to be registered on this portal. Then oahoye team will issue the registration number for all the student’s and they can enroll themselves on this portal. It is not possible for the student’s without the MoU to become the member of this portal.