Core Banking Solution

Product Description

Incise Core Banking Solution automates all aspects of banking and has been designed in a way to be highly scalable and agile. The architecture and design supports the UI to be very independent of the core functionalities of Banking. It supports closing operation both at Data Center level and individual branch level. The software can be either used by setting up the server in the bank premises or as SAAS model.


The application is based on Microsoft Framework 4.0 and has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The backend is Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2. All the source code has been written in C# targeting the .Net Framework 4.0. It uses WCF to communicate with the centralize server using HTTP. To summarize the above, the whole application is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, C#, WCF and SQL Server 2008R2. The server can be hosted on IIS Server as an application.

Architecture and Framework

The application is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and based on 3 tier architecture using the DTO (Data Transfer Objects) model. The UI layer is a thin and dumb layer developed over the Windows Forms package. UI layer interacts with the Database Access Layer (DAL) using the WCF as the service layer. The service layer further interacts with the Data Access Layer (DAL), only the DAL can connect to the database and all the read/writes has been channeled through the DAL only. The architecture is very close to MVC. We have developed our own Framework over the .Net Framework 4.0 to support the entire operations. To reduce the bandwidth, we have implemented the client side caching. It supports the HTTP, HTTPS, MSMQ and names pipes however currently we have tested on HTTP.


The application is highly scalable and has been designed in a way to accept the frequent changes. More features can be added or removed by delivering the separate assemblies rather than delivering the whole system. The entire solution is consisting of 62 different projects. The UI is dumb and can be replaced by any type of UI components; either it is ASP pages or PHP pages or HTML or the Tabs and smart phones. All the source code has been written on the same pattern in order to accept and deliver the changes quickly.


  • User Management and Rights
  • Masters
  • Penal Parameters
  • NPA Parameters
  • Scheme Configuration
  • Interest Feature Setup
  • Customer Management
  • Work Flow based Member and Share Management
  • Account Management
  • Bank Accounts and Reconciliations
  • Configurable Instruments
  • Financial Transactions
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Cashier and Teller Module
  • Loan Management and Recovery
  • Inward and Outward Clearing
  • Currency Configurations
  • Service Charges
  • Reports

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