Recruitment Software

In recruitment it becomes very complex to manage the applications and track of status of the candidates who has applied against the requirement posted on several websites and job portals. The resume comes from very different channels, this is the reason that we cannot use the recruiter components delivered by job portals. This raises the need of implementing the requirement life cycle in some kind of software. The software should automate the maximum possible steps involved in the recruitment process. The rest of the document will describe the whole desired functionalities to accomplish the given problem statement.

There can be a few application/applicant tracking system available as open source but it become complex and need efforts to configure and modify these software to address the specific needs. Our purpose behind implementing the software is to automate the maximum possible steps involved in recruitment and allow the company to use the resources in more efficient way. The purpose also includes accommodating the maximum possible requirement using the minimum company resources.


Main Features

  • Client Management
  • JD Management and Sharing
  • Centralized and Secured Resume Database
  • Recruiter Profiles
  • Candidate Profile
  • Online Evaluations and Knowledgeable sharing
  • Referral Management
  • Email Templates
  • Candidate Short listing, Interview Scheduling and History
  • Hotlist of Immediately available candidates
  • Candidate on boarding
  • Integration with company career page
  • Integration with promotional mailer APIs
  • Optional promotional SMS Integration