Bluetooth Dual Mode v4.2 Baseband IP

This Bluetooth Dual Mode v4.2 Digital Baseband IP is the design data base of a production Bluetooth Dual Mode SoC shipped in smart phones. The Baseband IP is compliant with Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy standards including BT 2.1 + BT 3.0 + EDR + BT 4.2 and BLE. Firmware source code is supplied to enable interface into protocol Stack SW at the HCI layer through UART and I2S. The A2DP offloading can also be performed with audio data transferred from Host over PCM or I2C of Stereo Audio Data samples (44.1 or 48 Khz) to/from the IP. Data can be transferred in burst mode over the PCM / I2S interface in order to achieve significant host power consumption improvements during A2DP playback. The IP embeds support of modified SBC encoding and decoding for Wideband speech. The Whole processing is performed internally and does not require dedicated processing from Host side. An optional DSP (CoolFlux) is integrated into the audio path to provide audio processing capabilities from Wide-Band Audio Codec implementation to MP3 and noise cancellation.


      • High Volume Silicon Proven
      • Extracted from Design Data Base of production chip
      • Fully compliant to BT standard
      • Support of Bluetooth Low energy (BLE)
      • Support of Basic Rate and Enhanced Data rate (2 and 3 Mb/s)
      • Supports Scatternet topologies
      • S(eSCO)/S/S, M(eSCO)/S/S and M/S(eSCO)/S
      • HCI interface to 3rd party Dual Mode Protocol Stacks
      • Available integrated with Bluetooth Dual Mode v4.2 RF Transceiver IP


      • Source Code Delivery with rights to modify
      • Schematics
      • Certification Certificates
      • Chip Test program
      • KGD