Offshore Software Development

Custom Software Development

Incise designs the software solutions to integrate seamlessly with your existing software and systems to make them more effective as your business grows. Incise have expert teams in the area of JAVA/ Microsoft .NET/ Visual Basic/ .NET Compact Framework/ Delphi/ Satellite Forms/ Oracle/ MS SQL Server/ Interbase/ My SQL and PHP/eMbedded Visual Basic, embedded Visual C++, Android and iPhone App development. We work for Android and Windows Mobile plate form as well along with desktop and web based solutions.

Integration and Customization

In many areas it is not a good idea to write the new tailor made software and the existing solutions can be better. Most of the time there are many gaps in the features that your business requires and what is available with the existing solutions. That’s why you need the customized solutions to benefit your business and to automate your processes where manual intervention is not needed. This helps you make your business grow in a unique way. We can convert your business ideas to the technical specification for rapid solutions for your business. We can port your existing solutions to the new platform and improved technologies.

Tuning, Optimization and Performance Engineering

Incise provides services to fine tune your existing software solutions. We can manage your data needs and data problems in the area of Oracle, SQL Server and mySQL. We can help you seamlessly to fine tune your existing applications that are not running faster as per the client expectations.

Technical Technical Consulting and Domain

Incise provides the consulting in the areas of listed technical platforms and functional domains like banking and finance, managing and automating inspections, embedded solutions, online billing, CMS and Data Modeling etc.

Offshore development and resourcing

If software development is not the core business of your organization, then ideally you should outsource the development, as it shares the technical expertise overseas and is cost effective. If your organization needs the programming services and resources for development and maintenance of the critical applications in house, then we can be the ideal choice. Incise has the large pool of talented and cost effective resources skilled in varied databases, operating systems and programming languages, with a long list of satisfied customers and years of experience in technologies and management.

Web and Mobile App Development

Incise software services

  • Web based Application Development
  • Window based Application Development
  • Embedded Software (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS)
  • Image Processing
  • PHP, mySQL, ASP.NET, ASP, JAVA, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS, NodeJS
  • C#, Winforms, VB.NET, Delphi, JAVA, SpringMVC, Hibernate
  • Embedded C, Device Driver, Software Stack, eVC, ADT, PhoneGAP,
  • MATLAB, C, C++, AI, Computer Vision
  • Server Administration

Web based application development

  • Web Application
    –PHP, mySQL, ASP.NET, C#, JAVA, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS, Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate
  • Projects
    –Web Applications in the area of eCommerce, Healthcare, Schools, Courier Services, Social Media, evaluations and ranking
    –Customized Web Applications
    –Integration with existing solutions
    –Maintenance and changes incorporation

Windows application development

  • Windows Application
    –C#, VB.Net, JAVA, Delphi, Visual Basic, WCF, WPF
  • Projects
    –Banking and Financial domain solutions
    –Courier and Cargo Management
    –Retail and Billing Solutions
    –Healthcare Solutions
    –Inventory and MIS

SOC/IP Design and Verification, STA Synthesis and DFT and Physical Implementation

Virtual Modeling

The integration of increasingly complex hardware and software is a significant challenge for semiconductor which is usually done by traditional methods of serialized hardware and software development–where the vast majority of software is developed and verified after the silicon design is complete–often fail to meet aggressive product development schedule.

Benefits of Virtual Modeling

  • Virtual prototyping results in faster time-to-market through earlier and faster software development.
  • Enable software engineers to start development months before the hardware design is complete, enabling full system bring-up to occur within days of silicon availability
  • Virtual prototypes are fast, fully functional software models of complete systems that execute unmodified production code and provide unparalleled debug efficiency.

What Incise provides

  • Incise specializes in SystemC/TLM 2.0 based modeling of Semiconductor SoC and Electronics Systems.
  • Virtual Model development
  • SystemC Based IP modeling
  • Embedded Software development
  • High Level Synthesis (ESL)

Functional Verification

The Functional Verification at Incise includes Directed/Random Constraint Stimulus Generation, Coverage Driven Verification, Verification Using System Verilog using OVM, UVM, VMM and other standard methodologies. Verification services include expertise in the IP as well as the SOC Verification.
This is the core area of expertise and Incise deals in the following methods of verification

  • IP Verification (Block Level Verification)
  • SOC Verification (Chip Level Verification)
  • System Level Verification
  • Architecture Verification and Proof of concept

The Functional Verification Services Involve the expertise in the following:
1. System Verilog
2. Verilog
4. Constraint Random Test Benches
5. SVA(System Verilog Assertion) based Verification
6. Coverage Driven Verification
7. Verification Methodologies : UVM, OVM and VMM
8. Complex Verification IP Development

Team Incise has verified very complex SOCs and IPs

  • ARM Based SOCs Mobile and handheld devices
  • ARM Based SOCs for gaming Applications
  • Micro Controller based SOCs for Bluetooth applications
  • Verification of complex Memory controllers like Universal Flash Storage (UFS 2.0), EMMC, SD
  • Verification of Networking IPs like Interlaken, SATA, Sonet protocols
  • Verification of complex serial protocols like USB 3.0, SDIO, SPI, I2C
  • Strong experience in MIPI, Unipro and MPHY protocols

RTL Design

Incise team has designed and delivered right first time silicon which was having very complex IP blocks and System on Chip solutions such as Bluetooth Low Energy controller, Universal Flash Storage controller, DVB-T and DVB-H, USB 3.0 solutions and complex protocols like Interlaken. Team has extensive experience working with latest ARM processors.
The design process involves following steps

  • Understanding of Protocol Specification
  • Developing detailed specification
  • Developing Micro-Architecture
  • Low Power and Reusable RTL Design with Minimum Area
  • RTL Designing for speed
  • Sysnthesis and Timing clean RTL
  • LINT, Spyglass, HAL Checks
  • Development of Block level Testbench and Block level Verification
  • Coverage analysis and feedback implementation

Custom Design

Incise provides best resources for doing Memory, IO’s, Standard Cell and Analog design components like DLL and PLLs. Incise has top resources who can do circuit design, Layout, Characterization and then validation of these custom products in the lower technology nodes and across various process corners.
Memory Design

  • Full Custom Layout Design
  • Memory Characterization
  • Validation & Quality Assurance


  • Power pads (padGND, padVDD)
  • Analog input pads (padIn, padInOr)
  • Analog output pads (padWide)
  • Digital IO pads (padDigIn, padDigOut)
  • Special pads (padBias).

Standard Cell Design

  • Ultra Low Leakage Library Development
  • Ultra low Power Library Development
  • Level shifters for multiple voltage islands
  • Power-gating for domain isolation
  • Delay Locked Loops (DLLs)
  • Crystal Oscillators (XOs)
  • Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)
  • Clock Generators
  • Clock Buffers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Low Dropout Regulators
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Reference Generators
  • Power on Reset (PoR)
  • High Speed Multiplying PLLs
  • Low Jitter PLLs

Physical Design

Incise team has deep expertise in the and resources having following skills.

  • Static Timing Analysis using Cadence and Synopsys flows at lower technology nodes such as 22nm to 180nm
  • Physical Synthesis of a multi-million gate design having multiple memories and Analog components on the chip
  • Scan Insertion and Stitching
  • Clock Tree Synthesis and HFNS
  • Routing RC Extraction
  • Hold Fixes
  • Leakage Optimization
  • Place and Route
  • Floor plan and power plan
  • Doing ECOs at a later stage of design cycle
  • GDS delivery and interaction with foundry

Virtual Modeling Expertise

  • C++, SyctemC, TLM 2.0
  • Virtual Platform Developmet
  • Synthesizable IP Modeling
  • ARM based ISS model
  • QEMU Emulator

IP Design Expertise: ASIC & FPGA

Designing Right First Time RTL

–Verilog, VHDL
–Protocol Specification
–Low Power and Re-usable RTL design with Minimum Area
–RTL Designing for Speed
–Synthesis and Timing Clean RTL
–LINT, Spyglass, HAL Checks
–Development of Block Level TB
–Coverage Analysis

–SHA 2
–USB 2.0
–PCI Express
–MIPI, UniPro

FPGA Designing for Products


–FPGA Architecture
–RTL Designing for Speed
–FPGA Constraints Development
–Synthesis and Timing Clean RTL
–Development of Block Level TB
–FPGA Validation

–SHA 2
–USB 2.0
–PCI Express
–MIPI, UniPro

Verification Expertise


IP Verification
–System Verilog, UVM, OVM
–Specman, TCL, PERL
–Constrained Random TB

SOC Verification
–C, C++/Assembly Based Verification
–System Level Verification
–Coverage Driven

–UFS 2.0
–USB 3.0
–PCI Express
–MIPI, UniPro

Custom Design Expertise


Memory Design
–Full Custom Layout Design
–Memory Characterization
–Optimization of compiler cuts
–Validation and Quality Assurance

IO Design
–Power Pands (padGND, padVDD)
–Analog input pads (padIN, padInOr)
–Analog output pads(padWide)
–Digital IO pads (padDigIn, padDigOut)
–Special Pads

Standard Cell Design
–Ultra Low Leakage Library
–Ultra Low Power Library
–Level Shifter
–Power Gating for domain isolation

Custom Analog Cell
–Delay Locked Loops
–Crystal Oscillators
–Clock Generators
–Clock Buffers
–Voltage Buffers
–DC-DC Converters

  • QA Manual and Automation